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10 things you didn’t know about DIAMOND’s lover ZARI, No 2 is a shocker.


Diamond’s lover, Zari Hassan, is arguably one of the most popular celebrities in East Africa but here are 10 things you didn’t know about her.

1.She used to be a musician

2.She Was Born in 1980(35 Years)

Zari Hassan is 34 years of age. We have to give it to her for maintaining such a youthful years despite being in her mid thirties. Zari Hassan is currently in a relationship with Tanzanian music heratthrob Diamond Platinumz who is only 25 years of age. Talk of the classical cougar.

3.Zari Hassan Has Four Children

Her real name is Zarinah Hassan and has 4 children namely, Pinto, Quincy Did and newly born Queen Latifah.

4.She Is From Jinja
Zari Hassan is from the source of the Nile. She grew up in Jinja and attended Jinja Girls High school for her secondary education. Those who know her back in the days say she was ratchet as hell.

5. She is London educated

If you thought that it was only beauty without brains then you are wrong. Zari Hassan is London educated with a Diploma in Cosmetology. That explains a lot because she is always on point with her makeup.

6. She Is From 3 Different countries

Her heritage is confusing and you can’t really tell whether she is Ugandan , Burundian or Indian. According to her official website, her grandfather from her maternal side is Indian while the grandfather from paternal side Somalian while the grandmother is from Burundi. So what’s Zari Hassan’s nationality?

7. She is a Channel O Award Winner

She had been nominated for the best East African video in 2006. In 2008, Zari Hassan won a channel O Video award for the best East African award. Yes, even though she is not singing anymore, Zari Hassan has been there and done that.

8. She has s3x Tape

It was released just the other week and has received mixed criticism. We had written an article on Ugandan celebrities that should release their s3x tape and it did not take a week before her video was leaked.

9. She Is Dry as a Rock

Social media was awash with negative comments when Zari’s intimate video was released. Everyone was saying Zari Hassan is as dry as a rock. Even Isaac Luggede a former lover confirmed the allegations.

10. She Doesn’t Give a Damn

Zari Hassan is a strong woman. She doesn’t give 2 sh#ts on what the media has to say about her. She has been involved in several controversies and is always calm when addressing them. There you go, that is Zari Hassan for you.
10}Majority of people who know Zari Hassan know her because of showbiz rather than her music. Zari used to sing and was even nominated for a channel O award in 2007 in the best East African video category.



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